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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dot Illusion

Can you see the moving green dot moving?

Look carefully at the centre '+' sign and you will observe that the pink dots disappear one after another.



This service is very simple to understand and to use. If it has images that it liked that they became in a pleasant icon of its environment of work does not need to look more. It does not need to install applications, follows only the way of this service. Remember,this is an online service.

It is enough to upload image (png or ICO) and to wait as for link of download.Have your image downloaded and have fun

Friday, December 21, 2007

Nokia PC Suite 6.85 Release 14 BETA

Nokia PC Suite is one pack of applications for the Windows developed especially for the mobile phone users of Nokia. Depending on the model of mobile phone, this application synchronizes, edits and keeps many of the existing filing-cabinets in the mobile phone, the transference of data can be made way handle, many times supplied together with the telephone, or for wireless.
For those who uses the mobile phone as one mini PC if dealt with, this application will be of much utility for the simple form to transfer, to install and to convert.
License: Freeware
Operating Systems: Windows 2K/ XP/ Vista
Download: Nokia PC Suite 6.85 rel. 14 [26.20MB]
Homepage: Nokia

FotoSketcher 1.2

Many times a photo gains a new life only with the application of a simple filter or effect. We are accustomed to hear torn compliments to it supplies the highest point of the image edition, yes yes to the Photoshop. In reality it has applications that they apply magnificent effect and filters.

FotoSketcher is one of these cases. With this application its photos can have another life. Using to advantage the Christmas time it edits its photos or images and wall lamp this fantastic effect that the gratuitous tool offers to it.

It transforms a photograph into a manual drawing, in a coal screen, fantastic landscape to frame or same to place in one it transfers to t-shirt. It does not make much more that this, but already gives a different touch to that image for the postcard of Christmas.

License: Freeware

Operating Systems: Windows 2K/ XP/ Vista

Download: FotoSketcher 1.2 [958.22KB]

Homepage: FotoSketcher

New Features of Internet Explorer 8

After all, it equips it of development of the IE8 continues in the asset. After wide months without divulging any information, the Microsoft announced that plan to launch until June of 2008 the first beta of the InterNet Explorer 8. Moreover, the new browser will be the first one, of this company, to pass Acid2 Browser Test.

Although Acid2 is not a standards compliance test,the Acid2 test is a good pointer in what standards touches to respect web.

Let's just see what's in store for us at the end of the first half of 2008, when the IE8 finally releases.

NetBSD 4.0 - new version free OS

The developers of NetBSD presented the output of the new version of its operating system with the open code - NetBSD 4.0.

In reality NetBSD 4.0 appeared the support of the free means of virtualization Xen 3, Bluetooth, many new devices and built in platforms, based on processors ARM, PowerPC and MIPS.

Among the net renovations is noted the appearance of the code of server iSCSI target and realization of protocol CARP (Common Address Redundancy Protocol).

NetBSD is a free operating system available for many platforms.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Burglars modified code of SquirrelMail

Unknown criminals accomplished the unsanctioned modification of the code of the client of the electronic mail SquirrelMail.
SquirrelMail is the sufficiently functional packet of Web- mail, written on PHP. in SquirrelMail it is realized the support of protocols IMAP and SMTP, are accessible additional modules for the conducting ravine- it is file, the filtration of spam, coding of correspondence, etc. the open packet SquirrelMail is extended on the conditions of license GNU GPL and is accessible in more than 40 languages.
As it communicates on the site of project, unknown criminals, using, supposedly, one of the administrators' stock-taking records, they penetrated in SquirrelMail and introduced changes in the code of the application of versions 1.4.11 and 1.4.12. Through the modified version of SquirrelMail, theoretically they can obtain the unsanctioned access to the remote computer and perform on it arbitrary operations.
To the users, that work with application SquirrelMail 1.4.11 or 1.4.12, are imperatively recommended to update from the site of project the renovated version of the client of electronic mail with index 1.4.13, especially this concerns those, who loaded SquirrelMail after 8 December of the present year.

New patch causes hovering Internet Explorer

Corporation Microsoft deals with the study of communications, that the installation of recent cumulative patch for Internet Explorer can sometimes provoke the hovering of browser.

Patch for IE was released approximately one week ago together with the December collection of patches for products of Microsoft. All obtained in Internet Explorer vulnerabilities theoretically can be used for the purpose of the seizure of control over the remote computer. Holes be present in IE versions 5.01, 6 and 7. Practically immediately after the release of patches into the service of support Microsoft began to enter numerous communications, that the installation of patch provokes the hovering of browser either in the process of load or during the survey of the specific Web pages. The problem affecting Internet Explorer versions 6 and 7 is present on both the computers with the operating system Windows XP and in the machines with Windows Vista. Microsoft occupies by the solution of problem however, as long as that the only method of its elimination is uninstallation of the cumulative patch. True, in this case the browser becomes vulnerable for the attacks through the obtained holes.

Orkut infected by a Worm

The social network Orkut, which belongs to company Google, on this week was struck by computer worm.
Service Orkut was started during January 2004. The creator of service is Orkut Boyyukkokten, one of the developers of the interface of the search system Google. The social network Orkut is intended, first of all, for the online contact between the friends and the search for new acquaintances. Recently many user accounts of Orkut proved to be struck by uncommon harmful program. Subscribers of Orkut began to obtain the electronic letters, in which by it, it communicated that in system Orkut Scrapbook (it adapts for positioning the messages) new record appeared. With the subsequent attempt at the survey of profile, occurred the automatic infection of accounts, and its owner was joined to the group(Community) by the name Infectados pelo Virus do Orkut (in the Portuguese it indicates "it is infected by Orkut- virus"). According to some data, literally for hours the harmful program struck some 650,000 user accounts. However, any destructive functions in the code of worm, it is similar, was not placed. According to preliminary analysis,the harmful program is written with application of JavaScript and Flash and with the propagation was used as a breach in the program platform Orkut.So, Orkut users BEWARE!

Check out the community Infectados pelo Virus do Orkut here:

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Founders Skype left their company

After the mass withdrawal of people, which stood at sources Skype, the company completely find under control eBay. At present, in Skype it did not remain not one person of the initial command, that converted company in largest VoIP- provider.
Only 10 days after two founders Skype Janus Of friis and Niklas Tsenstrem together with Dzheffri By prentaysom, also one of the previous key men - left Skype, Maykl Jackson, technical genius Skype; was also made the decision to leave the company, which at present passed under the complete management of its owners, eBay. Jackson now is partner in the company with risky capital Mangrove Capital Partners, one of the first venture companies, invested capital in Skype.
"Skype - fantastic product, which possesses the large unmastered potential, but as organization grows and changes, grows the need for the new approaches and the new type of colleagues. I solved, that came the time to move further ", with such words Jackson turned himself into the letter, sent out Mangrove.
Jackson participated in creation Tele2 in Denmark, and precisely here met Friisa and Tsenstrema. It began to work with Skype in 2003 and from the spring 2004 he became the official colleague of company. From the very beginning Scottish engineer began to bring profit Skype, which earned capital on the free telephone connection between the computers. I.e., services Skype In and Skype Out, when clients pay for the connection with the traditional telecommunication network, were developed under Jackson's management. Today they bring the basic income Skype. Skype earns on these services approximately 2 billion Danish crowns yearly.

Wikipedia faces tough competition from Knol

In Google they declared about the plans with respect to the creation of its own on-line- encyclopedia. Its difference from Wikipedia will become the fact that the names of the authors will be indicated for each article, and only by it it will permitted edit its content.

Now Knol is passed the closed testing at the invitations. The purpose of project, as they indicate in Google, to propose information in the wide circle of themes, including science, medicine, geography, history, entertainment and others. In Google article itself to edit they do not be going, and to voice opinions in the content - also.

In the company they calculate, that the articles in Knol will reflect different opinions and points of view of different authors; it is assumed that on many of the themes it will be on several competing with each other articles. On the completion of testing the participation in filling Knoll will be discovered for all those desiring, and, as they indicate in Google, in connection with this it cannot be designed for the fact that all articles will be the highest quality.

From the agreement of the authors in the articles it will be possible to place the advertisement from Google, by the portion of income from which company will share with the author.

Windows vista - the main disappointment of 2007

Periodical PC World composed the list of fifteen most noticeable technological disappointments of 2007.

The first place of Heath- parade PC World occupied the operating system Microsoft Windows vista. The authors of list indicate that this program platform did not justify the expectations of users, works slower than its predecessor Windows khr and needs modification.

The second line of list occupies the opposition of sizes HD DVD and Blu-Ray. These two of standard with the variable success conquer market, and it is not thus far clear how will end war. Moreover one additional size, which, supposedly, will compose competition HD DVD and Blu-Ray, was recently proposed. The so-called carriers HD VMD (Versatile Multilayer Disc) contain to 20 Gb of data and can be used for the record video of high quality in size 1080p. it locks the first troika the "antisocial" network Facebook with their marketingovoy system Beacon. In the middle of November it was explained that Facebook, using Beacon, publishes the information about the purchases, perfected in online by the members of network, and other users can see this information. Actually Facebook thus it disrupted the secret of particular life. The fourth place was reached company Yahoo for the delivery to the Chinese authorities of information about the journalists. The fifth line of rating engaged itself cell phone iPhone with its tying to the honeycomb networks of the specific operators of connection. On the sixth line of Heath- parade proved to be the Internet providers, which block traffic of the networks. They further follow network IP- telephony, which encountered numerous complexities in connection with the patent actions and problems of safety. The eighth position was reached to the operating system Apple Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), which, as Windows vista, proved to be "somewhat damp". On the ninth line of Heath- parade is located new office packet 2007 microsoft Office System with its completely altered interface. The tenth place periodical PC World returned to the operators of honeycomb connection, the quality of whose services leaves much to be desired. Further follows "killer iPod" - player Zune from corporation Microsoft, which thus far so could not seriously make room the pocket device Apple. The twelfth place - and the word combination "Internet- safety", which the compilers of list characterize not otherwise. In the thirteenth place of rating were arranged the countless social- oriented services, whose 90%, in the opinion PC World, will disappear for two years. The fourteenth position of Heath- parade is engaged unsuccessful projects on the development of the wireless networks WiMax. Finally, locks list the service of the delivery of video content Amazon Unbox with its excessively complex interface and number of other problems.